Take the traditional 2D blocks game to the next dimension! The goal of this addictive game is to clear the puzzle while achieving the target score for each level.

Rotate the puzzle in any direction and simply tap the screen to select two or more adjacent cubes of the same color. Double tap your selection to remove them from the puzzle and gravity will pull the remaining cubes down.

Sounds easy, but random tappers beware! The score increases significantly with each cube in the chain and you'll need to build the largest chains possible to achieve the target score for the level.

In three dimensions cubes can connect across multiple faces of the puzzle, so careful thought and strategy must be used to maximize your chain size.


• Sacrifice small chains to make big ones.
• Rotate the puzzle to find cubes to make larger chains

Challenge yourself by progressing through over 20 levels of increasing difficulty. Be warned... once you start, you won't be able to stop!


• Intuitive swipe interface
• Gravity takes device orientation into account
• Quick play mode with multiple difficulty levels
• Save your progress at any time